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Book Reports in K20

We have been so impressed with the confident way the children have been presenting their reports to us.  It has been really interesting learning about the books the children enjoy reading.   Lexie made a beautiful poster on "The Cloud Castle", a Thea Stilton novel.
Evan presenting a very interesting book report on 'The World's Worst Teachers' - we certainly don't have any of those at St Albans!!!!

Digby shared his love of Harry Potter novels and told us all about "The Philosopher's Stone".

K20 Book Reports!

Wow! We have been completely blown away with the wonderful Book Reports the children have been presenting as part of their Oral Language news on a Friday. We have looked at a real mix of books - fiction, non fiction, chapter books, picture books. The way the children have presented them has been really creative - notes and by memory, posters, book creator on the iPad and even their own books about the book. Well done. We love your confidence when speaking in front of an audience!

K21 Book Reporters Week 3 and Week 4


Book Reviews in Kereru 19

Wow!!  Some amazing book reviews today in Kereru 19 this Friday.  Well done to the children who spoke confidently to the class.  We loved hearing about your special books and why you have enjoyed reading them.  
Lexie talked about her favourite book - 'Marge in Charge' sent all the way from London, from her Nana.

 Yuto kept us riveted with his report on a Pokemon book - so many interesting facts.

James shared his love of 'Ninja Kid' with us, a special birthday book.

Abigail reported on 'Do Not Open This Book'.  She even read the whole story to us when she had finished!  We loved it as much as her!

Fairy Bread Instructional Writing

Over the last couple of weeks the Kererū kāhuihave been learning about instructional writing. In instructional writing, we need to remember to include • Title • Ingredients/Materials/What you need • Steps that you need to take to complete the task. • Bossy verbs (tells you what to do) at the beginning of each step.
We all enjoyed following a set of instructions to make fairy bread, tasting our fairy bread and then writing our own instructions for how we made the fairy bread.  

How To Make Fairy Bread
Hundreds and thousands
1. Wash your hands.
2. Collect the butter from the pantry.
3. Get a knife.
4. Put the bread on the plate.
5. Open the butter.
6. Get the knife and put a small amount of butter on the knife.
7. Spread the butter on the bread.
8. Sprinkle the hundreds and thousands on the buttered bread.
9. Cut the bread in half.
10. Eat the fairy bread.
By Ella

How To Make Fairy Bread
1. Wash your hands.
2. Get the brea…

Congratulations to K21's First Book Review Reporters For Term Three