All About Me bags today in K19...

Today Ethan braved the audience and shared some special treasures that told us a little more about him.  He loves visiting Castle Hill with his family, biking - he even has special biking gloves, and playing hockey.  He also goes to Cubs and had many impressive badges to show off.

It was lovely to learn a little more about you Ethan!!  We are looking forward to hearing all about the last few children tomorrow.

Happy LOVE Day from Kererū 19!!

Happy Love Day from the sweethearts of K19The children of Kererū 19 had a great time making some wee heart creatures today to celebrate Love Day!!  We hope they made it home, safe and sound.  It was a lovely way to remind us to tell those special people in our lives that we love them and appreciate them! 

Happy Valentines Day!

Today we made Happy Hearts for a special person in our lives.

More beautiful ME bags!

Kayden shared some fabulous items about himself and showed us his cool Build a Bot Ant!

Ella shared some beautiful photos of her at QE11 and on the biscuit. WE all think she loves the water! Ella loves her Lamington bear too!

Campbell shared some really cool books he enjoys reading at home - impressive Campbell!

Sri Lashya shared her beautiful family photo album and also her special Tiger she likes to sleep with at night.

Collaborative Kereru!

We have been talking about our kahui birds and why we are the Kereru. We have been learning some really interesting facts about the Kereru. We all created a Block Poster of a Kereru and have it up on the wall for all to enjoy. We were really pleased how it all fitted together.

More ME BAGS from Kereru 20!

Today we listened to more fabulous children sharing their ME bags. What a lovely time for us all to find out some really interesting things from each person.
Isabel talked about her amazing holiday visits to Nebraska each year to see family - how lucky are you!
Amelia shared some special treasures and a beautiful piwakawaka(fantail) fairy - she is beautiful! 
Stella shared her special toys and blanket she has had since she was a baby - so soft and cute!
Cameron showed us a picture of her gorgeous dog and also when she visited Australia Zoo - Lucky!
Evan presented his ME bag as an amazing powerpoint. He talked about living in Perth and his fun family holidays in the Catlins. Awesome! 
Monica shared her big trophy from their annual Potato Growing competition where she won the first prize. Well done.
Afarina read us a beautiful poem from favourite poetry book and also shared her princess bear. 
Amelia shared two beautiful books with gorgeous photos of her in them and also her well loved …

All About Us....

What an amazing start to our "All About Me" sharing today!!  We had so many eager children ready to share some special treasures and precious memories with us all.  The children were encouraged to tell us 'why' each item was so special to them and, as an audience, we listened and watched, learning something new about each of the children in our home group.

Digby sharing a precious trophy from last year.

Levi's favourite soccer player is Ronaldo and he has the whole kit, even the socks, but he didn't bring those!

Colson and his moto-cross bikes!  A very treasured possession of his!

Jacob sharing a special photo of Ruby, his much loved and famous big, big dog!  She's just beautiful!