Tomorrow is our athletics day. Please ask your child whether they are in the A or B group for their year group.
The programme for tomorrow is below:

Busy in K20

We have been busy in K20 the past few weeks. We have been sharing special item news, practising our athletics and learning some Kung Fu with a special instructor called Emily. Here are some snippets from our learning:

Cultural Week!

Wow! What a wonderful week we have all had celebrating the cultural diversity at school. On Friday we came dressed in our cultural dress. The whole school gathered in the hall and we embraced the many cultures we have at St Albans School. Such a fun start to term 4!

Celebrating All Our Nationalities in K21

Cultural Week at St Albans

Today we ignited Cultural Week with an amazing parade that showed the cultural diversity of St Albans School. How amazing to have the whole school together and all feeling so proud of the country we were born in. Look at all the flags!

Kereru 21 Handmade Boats