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Ferrymead Trip

A huge thank you to all the parents and caregivers that helped us on our school trip to Ferrymead. We would not be able to attend without your continued support. Thank you to Sara for the extra photos too.

More Current News From K21

This is the size of the snake in Ella's current news.

K21 Cross Country

Congratulations to  Antonio 3rd place year 4 boys Ella 1st place year 3 girls Gracie 3rd place year 3 girls

Cross Country K20

On Tuesday 21st May we had our cross country run. We were all really pleased with our awesome running and felt proud of ourselves after the race. All our teachers were very proud of our efforts on the day.  Here is a selection of some of the runners from K20.  Sorry we didn't get photos of every child - it was busy at the finish line! Well done to everyone! Evan and Ruben were particularly proud of their medals - Evan 1st Year 3 boys and Ruben 2nd Year 4 boys.

Kereru 20 Current News

We are really enjoying the current news presented on a Friday morning. The children have been busy making posters, slide shows and Book Creator presentations. Here are a couple of photos from some of the presentations.

K21 Current Events

Congratulations to those children who have presented their current news for the term.  We are all very impressed with the standard!

K21 Kererū Inquiry

At the end of term 1 and the beginning of term 2, the children have been researching lots of information about the Kererū bird to be knowledgeable and have an understanding of their kahu bird. 
Once they had recorded their Kererū information into their inquiry book they transferred the information onto a device. The children had the choice of either using StoryVisualizer or BookCreator. 
The children learnt skills such as.. •  navigating around a new app • inputting text and images into the chosen app  • saving an image from the internet and placing it into their presentation • embedding utube clips to BookCreator

K21 Kererū Inquiry Continued