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Kereru Playground Catch Up this Sunday

Before the weather changes there is a play ground catch up for any Year 3/4 children and families on Sunday at 10 - 12 at school.
This is organised by a group of year 3 parents - please chat to Bridget (K19) if you have any questions.
The school cafe will be open for hot beverages thanks to the wonderful Cherie.

BYO your own snacks, bikes/scooters and cheery kids for some fun.

Maisey The 'Stop Motion' Expert

K21 Abstract Portraits

The Gruffalo

After watching the story the Gruffalo, we discussed and wrote a word bank of words to describe his different body features he has. We learnt that these words are adjectives.
On whiteboards, we wrote simple sentences to describe the different features of the Gruffalo. We had to remember that the adjective/s needed to go before the noun.

We then did our own brainstorm of the Gruffalo. We had to use red pen for nouns and blue pen for the adjectives.  Now  writing our Gruffalo Descriptions

The Gruffalo has big pointy horns like a bull. The Gruffalo has floppy brown ears like a happy dog running. The Gruffalo has sharp smelly teeth and purple, crooked prickles all over his back. He has dirty, uneven claws and a short muddy tail. He has dusty, scruffy toenails and knobbly, scabby knees. His feet are smelly and turned out and his tummy is fat and bouncy. His chin is small and hairy and he has a green poisonous wart on top of his nose. His eyes are large and orange. By Gracie
The Gruffalo…


This week we are busy researching about the magnificent Kererū. We are looking forward to sharing our facts and information with our friends. We are also enjoying using the iPads to search for our information.

Sadly swimming lessons at school have now finished and we move on to PE lessons and continue with our daily fitness programmes. When the weather is not so great we sometimes stay inside and do GoNoodle or yoga. We had lots of fun.

Week 7 Term 1


K19 - Some more of our "Me Bags"

Our "Me Bags"
We have been continuing to present our "Me Bags" and it has been a wonderful way for the students to find out more about each other.
Yuto shared his book about Dinosaurs

Isabel shared her JoJo bow and her karate belt

Holly shared some cute candles she made and a photo of herself doing ballet

Lachlan shared his soccer ball and a photo of his favourite animal (a Bengal tiger)

K21 Tūranga Trip


Tūranga Class Trip

Tūranga Class TripToday we had a fabulous trip to Tūranga.  The highlights of the trip were the interactive wall, the lego, the 3D printer and the dancing robot!  Here are a few photos from our day.

Lego Challenge! The students had to work in groups to build a space ship.  They came up with some wonderful creations!

The Dancing Robot!  This little robot was a real hit!  The children had to follow his moves. They were super impressed that he could do press ups!!